automated dns in perl or c for bind 8.x.x

Mark A. Hershberger mah at
Fri Nov 12 19:33:31 UTC 1999

>>>>> "S" == S0LARlSTEK  <S0LARlSTEK at> writes:

    S> Does anyone have a perl or c script that will make the dns
    S> process automated.

How about a module?

    S> Such a perl script could be run from a web interface and write
    S> to a database file then be kicked off by cron or if there is
    S> another way or if someone has something written let me know
    S> because I am interested.

You could do this with either CfgTie::TieNamed, Net::DNS, or

I prefer the interface that CfgTie has although I've not really tried
it and it looks like it is still early software.

    S> I am not a perl or c whiz.

If you were, you might have checked CPAN first (


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