CNAME and OTHER data error

Jim Reid jim at
Fri Nov 12 16:41:37 UTC 1999

>>>>> "chris" == chris  <chris at> writes:

    chris> It's late, I'm sure I'm looking over something stupid, but
    chris> how the heck does this violate the CNAME and OTHER data
    chris> rule? I thought that was only 
    chris> a problem when you had a CNAME round robin like setup.

Not so. If a name exists as a CNAME, that name CANNOT exist as any
other type of resource record. [Well, except for KEY, SIG and NXT
records if secure DNS is used, but this doesn't apply here.]

    chris> mail             IN CNAME               @
    chris> mail             IN MX 10               @

    chris> It's choking on the MX line.

And quite right too. The name "mail" already exists in your zone file
as a CNAME, so it can't also be used for an MX record.

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