CNAME and OTHER data error

Jason Edmiston jfe at
Fri Nov 12 17:32:20 UTC 1999

You can't have a CNAME and an MX record for "mail", once you have a
CNAME you may have nothing else for that name. Should be:

www	IN 	CNAME		@
mail	IN	CNAME		@
@	IN	A	x.x.x.x
@	IN	MX	10	@

"mail" and "www" will adopt the MX record of "@" by virtue of the
CNAME. Mail send to any of the three names will go to "x.x.x.x". This
is ideal in most situations. Some RFC's suggest your domain (@)
should accept mail.

chris <chris at> wrote in article
<382C1792.AA7D63C0 at>...
> It's late, I'm sure I'm looking over something stupid, but how the
> does this violate the CNAME and OTHER data rule? I thought that was
> a problem when you had a CNAME round robin like setup.
> www              IN CNAME               @
> mail             IN CNAME               @
> mail             IN MX 10               @
> @                IN A           xx.xx.xx.xx
> It's choking on the MX line.
> - Chris

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