CNAME and OTHER data error

Cricket Liu cricket at
Fri Nov 12 18:37:50 UTC 1999

> It's late, I'm sure I'm looking over something stupid, but how the heck
> does this violate the CNAME and OTHER data rule? I thought that was only
> a problem when you had a CNAME round robin like setup.
> www              IN CNAME               @
> mail             IN CNAME               @
> mail             IN MX 10               @
> @                IN A           xx.xx.xx.xx
> It's choking on the MX line.

Yeah, because you said mail was an alias for the origin, and then you tried
to attach an MX record to mail.  Which is it?  Is mail an alias for the
or is it a canonical name that can have an MX record?


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