Version of bind 8.2.2 to be running?

kevinm at kevinm at
Fri Nov 12 19:53:31 UTC 1999

Anybody got any suggestions as to what version of Bind 8.2.2 we should be
running?  I've seen alot of messages about problems w/ 8.2.2.p3, seen the
patch patch4 come out, received a CERT mailing about 6 known vulnerabilities
in bind 8.  Oh, and another question; when the patches come out ( such as
patch4 ) do they get OFFICIALLY announced on this mailing list?  Seems I
only see patch comments when somebody else has already patched their version
and is having some kind of problem w/ it.


Kevin Martin
Bank of America
Firewall/DNS/SMTP/Network Admin.
kevinm at

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