Underscore Character

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Fri Nov 12 20:50:51 UTC 1999

Chris A. Epler wrote:

> 2U <makun at minnanotabo.com> wrote:
> > For NT running DNS, underscore is passed. Many NT guys then think it is
> > valid.
> > Some of our clients (technical guys?!) insist to have host name with
> > "_".
> Just be sure to let them know that the 'rest of the world' will refuse to
> talk to them because they're using the silly underscore..  I wonder if PSI
> has gotten a clue and stopped doing underscores...

The "rest of the world" is mostly running software which has accepted
underscores for many years and didn't even complain about them until
relatively recently.

Ever hear of "squatter's rights"? Underscores have 'em. There's just no
practical, real-world justification to go through the hassle and expense of
eradicating them.

Whatever happened to "be liberal in what you accept" anyway? Is RFC 1123's
Robustness Principle dead and buried?

- Kevin

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