Why files being changed automaticaly?

M & J mhutch at cadvision.com
Fri Nov 12 17:33:34 UTC 1999

This is a strange question.  I can't figure out the cause.

I was receiving a no ttl default using SOA minimum instead message so I
added ttl 86400 to the start of all of my zone files, stoped and started the
name server again and all was working fine.  When I go to look at the zone
files now, the ttl 86400 has been removed and I am getting the message
again.  Somehow they got changed.  Are these files updated or changed
somehow?  I have noticed some other small changes here and there as well.
An example:

@               IN      SOA     ns.lightsign.com.       mark.lightsign.com.
                        1999111201 ; serial
                        86400 ; refresh
                        7200 ; retry
                        3600000 ; expire
                        172800 ; default_ttl
<------------ This ) used to be after 172800 previous line
@               IN      NS      ns.lightsign.com.
@               IN      MX      10      mail.lightsign.com.
localhost       IN      A
ns              IN      A
ns              IN      MX      10      mail
www             IN      CNAME   mail
ftp             IN      CNAME   mail
mail            IN      A
mail            IN      MX      10      mail
mhutch          IN      A
mhutch          IN      A                    <------------
This has been added from I dont know where.

What could be causing these changes to occur.  There is no one else
administering this server.

Thanks for all help
mhutch at cadvision.com

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