Multiple Domains

eandroid at eandroid at
Fri Nov 12 19:12:57 UTC 1999

I'm trying to get multiple domains all pointing to a single IP.
Currently we do this with each domain as its own domain. i was hoping
that we could use just one zone instead and have multiple domains in
each zone's file. here is the contents of one zone file:

; record IN SOA (
        4 ; serial
        10800 ; refresh (8h)
        3600 ; retry (1h)
        604800 ; expire (1w)
        86400 ; ttl (1d)

; name servers IN NS IN NS

; mail servers IN MX 0

; addresses IN A


the is a test entry i made to see if i could get this
to work. i also tried another domain we have: IN CNAME that did not work. Any ideas on how to modify this file to
support multiple domains?

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