compile problem-8.2.2+HP-UX 10.2+cc

Rick Towler towler at
Fri Nov 12 19:21:35 UTC 1999

I am attempting to upgrade our bind package and am running to a linking
problem.  i am a sys admin, not a programmer so I really am just wandering
around in the dark here.

System specifics:

HP-UX 10.20 with June 1999 ace and quality pack patches applied
HP ANSI C compiler with PHSS_17507 cumulative ANSI C Compiler patch
bind 8.2.2 p3 sources with patch4.txt patch applied

The error occurs when linking nslookup:

        cc -Ae -z  -g -Wl,+vnocompatwarnings -I../../port/hpux10/include
-I../../include -D_PATH_HELPFILE=\"/usr/lib/\"  -c main.c 
.skip some source files.
 cc -Ae -z -g -Wl,+vnocompatwarnings   -o nslookup main.o getinfo.o debug.o
send.o skip.o list.o  subr.o commands.o ../../lib/libbind.a -ll
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
   __h_errno (code)
   __h_errno_set (code)
*** Error exit code 1
*** Error exit code 1
*** Error exit code 1

I am really at a loss.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-Rick Towler
NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab

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