Named ip_addr lists?

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Sat Nov 13 03:15:06 UTC 1999

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> Richard Johnsson <johnsson at> wrote:
> >It sure would be nice if there were a way to name a list of one or more ip
> >addresses. Something like an acl (an ipl?) but restricted to ip addresses
> >only. Then I could give a name like "stealth_servers" to a bunch of ip
> >addresses and use that in also-notify statements rather than repeating all
> >those addresses in several places.
> Well, at least 8.2 added a global also-notify statement, so if you have the
> same list of stealth servers for all your zones, you don't need to repeat
> it in every zone statement.

	If you do this you need BIND 8.2.2-P3 or later.

 891.   [bug]           options { also-notify { ... }; }; resulted in wrong
			pointer being memput with the wrong size on reload.

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