DNS Server name only switch. HOW?

Adrian Goins Adrian at mamamedia.com
Sat Nov 13 19:51:17 UTC 1999

modify the host record with NetSol.

it will show up on your domains automatically, but it will lag a couple days
behind, as is always the case with WhoIs.

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> Subject:	DNS Server name only switch.  HOW?
> I have set up a primary DNS server.  I called it ns.mainserv.net.   It
> works
> fine.  When I do a whois I get back
>  Hostname: NS.MAINSERV.NET
>    Address:
>    System: ? running ?
>    Record last updated on 26-Aug-1999.
>    Database last updated on 12-Nov-1999 12:25:23 EST.
> These are not the actual values BTW.
> What I want to do is change the name of it.  I have 15 domains hosted and
> simply want to use one of the other domains name in  it's place.  I have
> changed all records I can think of that related to the old name and have
> changed them.  Including all zone files as well.  Now when I goto nslookup
> on my machine, it appears to have been changed.
> How is this updated on the nameservers and with whois?  Is there anything
> else that I have to change?  I assume that I will have to change the name
> of
> the primary name server ( but not the IP) with all the domains that I host
> as well.
> Any recomends of what I need to check?  Or is this something that takes a
> few days to update on networksolutions?
> Thanks for any help
> Mark
> mhutch at cadvision.com

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