DNS Server name only switch. HOW?

M & J mhutch at cadvision.com
Sat Nov 13 22:26:45 UTC 1999

The problem I am having is that I made these changes on my name server 2
days ago.  I registered a new domain yesterday and supplied my new name
server name and the old ip.  When I got conformation that the name was
registered from netsol, I saw that the ip for the primary nameserver was
correct but somehow the old nameserver name was in place instead of the new
one that I supplied.  Did netsol get the name of the name server from
somewhere else?  Any ideas apprecieted as I am at a loss.  I have also gone
to several domains that I have registered and made modifications to the name
of the primary dns server while leaving the ip the same.  When the changes
are made and netsol has sent me confirmation the changes have been
completed, the name is still the same as the old.  ????

mhutch at cadvision.com

Adrian Goins <Adrian at mamamedia.com> wrote in message
news:E56C286B7760D31189A2009027B0FF733BA7EE at missmuffet.mamamedia.com...
> modify the host record with NetSol.
> it will show up on your domains automatically, but it will lag a couple
> behind, as is always the case with WhoIs.
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> > Subject: DNS Server name only switch.  HOW?
> >
> > I have set up a primary DNS server.  I called it ns.mainserv.net.   It
> > works
> > fine.  When I do a whois I get back
> >
> >  Hostname: NS.MAINSERV.NET
> >    Address:
> >    System: ? running ?
> >
> >    Record last updated on 26-Aug-1999.
> >    Database last updated on 12-Nov-1999 12:25:23 EST.
> >
> > These are not the actual values BTW.
> >
> > What I want to do is change the name of it.  I have 15 domains hosted
> > simply want to use one of the other domains name in  it's place.  I have
> > changed all records I can think of that related to the old name and have
> > changed them.  Including all zone files as well.  Now when I goto
> > on my machine, it appears to have been changed.
> >
> > How is this updated on the nameservers and with whois?  Is there
> > else that I have to change?  I assume that I will have to change the
> > of
> > the primary name server ( but not the IP) with all the domains that I
> > as well.
> >
> > Any recomends of what I need to check?  Or is this something that takes
> > few days to update on networksolutions?
> >
> > Thanks for any help
> > Mark
> > mhutch at cadvision.com
> >
> >
> >
> >

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