Named ip_addr lists?

Andris Kalnozols andris at
Sun Nov 14 01:10:11 UTC 1999

I would like to second the motion made by Richard.  As the named.conf
feature set gets richer in order to manage more complex networks, it
would be nice if IP address lists could be represented symbolically.
It would make the configuration file cleaner and easier to maintain.

Andris Kalnozols

> In article <BaZW3.23$KP4.837 at burlma1-snr2>,
> Barry Margolin, barmar at wrote:
> > In article <199911121631.IAA15486 at>,
> > Richard Johnsson <johnsson at> wrote:
> > >It sure would be nice if there were a way to name a list of one or more ip
> > >addresses. Something like an acl (an ipl?) but restricted to ip addresses
> > >only. Then I could give a name like "stealth_servers" to a bunch of ip
> > >addresses and use that in also-notify statements rather than repeating all
> > >those addresses in several places.
> > 
> > Well, at least 8.2 added a global also-notify statement, so if you have the
> > same list of stealth servers for all your zones, you don't need to repeat
> > it in every zone statement.
> Yes, I know about that. I'm the one that found that using a global
> also-notify caused a memory allocation problem (fixed in 8.2.2p3).
> The problem is that I've got several different sets of stealth servers for
> different domains, with overlaps of course. Having all those numbers
> sprinkled throughout the .conf file is error prone and not very user
> friendly. It also makes modifications to the .conf file more brain
> intensive than necessary. I don't have enough zones to justify building
> another mechanism on top to generate the .conf file from some other
> database.

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