bind at col7.metta.lk bind at col7.metta.lk
Sun Nov 14 08:53:12 UTC 1999

On Thu, Nov 11, 1999 at 09:45:21AM +0800, Gene Frederick F. Boniel wrote:

> Nov 10 16:38:11 server named [6621]: sysquery: findns error (NXDOMAIN) on
> server.linux.cebu.pilnet.com?

I had the same error. 
I had put the wrong name of my NS in the zone files 
I had put "metta.lk" instead of "dhamma.metta.lk" as the NS

> am just new of this...does anybody could help me? any ideas?

I am also new to this so better listen to the Gurus they know.
Just a small help from a new-bie


  Things which are wrong and to one's own disadvantage are easily enough
  done, while what is both good and advantageous is extremely hard to do.

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