using dial on demand and bind

Thimo Eichstädt thimo.e at
Sun Nov 14 13:38:13 UTC 1999


I am using bind on my linux machine. I have a dialup account with dial 
on demand. I don't want, that, when bind is starting, it always 
connects to a root nameserver (and my machine connects to my ISP).
Up To Version 8.1.2 I solved this problem with adding some forwarders 
to my config and setting »forward only«. Then, it didn't try to 
connect a root nameserver (or something else) at startup.

But in Version 8.2.2 this solution doesn't work any more. Now, at 
startup, he even wants to connect my forwarder(s) and when I turn my 
forwarders off, bind wants to connect a root nameserver. The setting 
»dialup yes« doesn't solve my problem, too.

Is there any solution, how I can tell bind, that he doesn't try to 
connect to any other namserver (wether forwarder nor root nameserver) 
at startup, so that my machine doesn't dial my ISP ?

  Thimo E

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