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Sun Nov 14 23:57:17 UTC 1999

	BIND 9 may address this issue as it has query restart capability.
	BIND 8 does not (and will not have) query restart capability so
	it needs to have the root nameservers primed at startup
	periodically reprimed.

	The dialup options effects zone transfers by clustering them all
	at the same time.  It also allows slaves to know when the link
	is up by sending gratuitious notify messages.


> Hi,
> I am using bind on my linux machine. I have a dialup account with dial 
> on demand. I don't want, that, when bind is starting, it always 
> connects to a root nameserver (and my machine connects to my ISP).
> Up To Version 8.1.2 I solved this problem with adding some forwarders 
> to my config and setting »forward only«. Then, it didn't try to 
> connect a root nameserver (or something else) at startup.
> But in Version 8.2.2 this solution doesn't work any more. Now, at 
> startup, he even wants to connect my forwarder(s) and when I turn my 
> forwarders off, bind wants to connect a root nameserver. The setting 
> »dialup yes« doesn't solve my problem, too.
> Is there any solution, how I can tell bind, that he doesn't try to 
> connect to any other namserver (wether forwarder nor root nameserver) 
> at startup, so that my machine doesn't dial my ISP ?
> Thx
>   Thimo E
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