zone forward on bind 8.1.5

Nick Boyce nick.boyce at
Mon Nov 15 18:54:47 UTC 1999

Joseph S D Yao wrote in message <199911091901.OAA25923 at>...

>> This might be a silly question, but at what version was "type forward"
>> to bind.
>> I am running version 8.1.5 (I think), which came with Red Hat Linux. When
>> ever I try to forward requests to a sub-domain, I get the following in
>> messages:
>> /etc/named.conf:31: syntax errror near forward
>> no type specified for zone ''

>now you know why

Hmm. I'm using NetBSD 1.4.1, which includes a BIND 8.x in the core
distribution. The man page for "named.conf" says :-

     This manual page was taken from the BIND 8.2 distribution. Because
     uses BIND 8.1.2 at present some features described in this manual page
     are not available in the current version.

so I guess I have BIND 8.1.2 - and it seems to understand "type forward". At
least it doesn't reject the relevant config file line at startup, *but* it
isn't working properly either (I get the famous "Nov 15 18:31:29 mybox
named[100]: bad referral (. !<").

Does anyone have a clear idea of the NetBSD BIND version ?

( Also, I've read certain postings which imply that there's a well-known
problem in this area, and a patch to fix it, but I haven't tracked the patch
down yet - can anyone point me in the right direction ? )

Nick Boyce
Technical Services
EDS Healthcare, Bristol, UK

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