zone forward on bind 8.1.5

Cricket Liu cricket at
Tue Nov 16 00:24:26 UTC 1999

> Hmm. I'm using NetBSD 1.4.1, which includes a BIND 8.x in the core
> distribution. The man page for "named.conf" says :-
>      This manual page was taken from the BIND 8.2 distribution. Because
> NetBSD
>      uses BIND 8.1.2 at present some features described in this manual
>      are not available in the current version.
> so I guess I have BIND 8.1.2 - and it seems to understand "type forward".
> At least it doesn't reject the relevant config file line at startup, *but*
> isn't working properly either (I get the famous "Nov 15 18:31:29 mybox
> named[100]: bad referral (. !<").
> Does anyone have a clear idea of the NetBSD BIND version ?

That remark in the man page is hardly conclusive.  Forward zones were
first introduced in BIND 8.2, as Joseph said, so if your BIND name
server understands them, it's 8.2 or better.


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