Virtual HOSTS? How do I make Linux into LinuxS???

Gumby greenslabofclay at
Mon Nov 15 19:58:13 UTC 1999

How can I make my Linux Red Hat 6.5 behave as though it has multiple Hosts
or look like more than one Linux box?

In other words, I have three Network Interface Cards, each assigned a unique
IP and Domain.
When I login in on any IP, I still get the first initial Host I setup on the
first Network Card.
I want to login on a Network Card's IP address and see the Linux Box as the
Host and Domain I setup for that card, NOT the same one on all Cards.

I don't have a problem with DNS because I can get to the machine with any of
the domains and IPs.
Its when I get there and the machine looks like the first host I setup.

Any ideas, suggestions or examples would be greatly apprecieated.


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