Virtual HOSTS? How do I make Linux into LinuxS???

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Mon Nov 15 22:55:41 UTC 1999

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Gumby <greenslabofclay at> wrote:
>How can I make my Linux Red Hat 6.5 behave as though it has multiple Hosts
>or look like more than one Linux box?
>In other words, I have three Network Interface Cards, each assigned a unique
>IP and Domain.
>When I login in on any IP, I still get the first initial Host I setup on the
>first Network Card.
>I want to login on a Network Card's IP address and see the Linux Box as the
>Host and Domain I setup for that card, NOT the same one on all Cards.

Do you mean you want the "hostname" command to give different output
depending on which address you telnetted to?  Sorry, you can't do that.
There's just one system hostname, which is set using the "hostname" command
when the system boots; it defaults to the name of the first interface, but
it can actually be anything (I think some versions of Unix have a file
/etc/nodename that can be used to configure this).

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