problems with

Randy Bush randy at
Tue Nov 16 10:16:18 UTC 1999

>>> It seems that we are still having update problems with some domains in the
>>> secondary list that we send to you.
>> i am well-aware of the problem, though not the specific domains of the day.
>> it's bind.  i have reported the problem.
> I must admit, I've seen your postings to the bind mailing list, but
> didn't really let it sink in. From memory, you're seeing a selective
> failure to load new zones (what about updated old zones - are these
> also affected)? Is it failing to transfer, or failing to load zones?

as it is utterly unlogged, i have no idea and suspect the bug is causing
bind to just ignore a few entries in $include files.

> I presume you've looked at obvious things - like it's not bumping up
> against the max number of named-xfer processes? This particular one
> bit here the other day - I hadn't bothered checking it because it never
> used to be a problem, but with the number of clueless admins on the net
> these days, broken name servers were permanently eating up my reserves
> of named-xfer slots.

how would one determine if this was the cause?  and, if it was, would they
not get picked up on a subsequent pass.

remember, we're talking about zones not being secondaried for weeks.


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