Problem with multiple interfaces

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Mon Nov 22 08:36:12 UTC 1999

Rainer Ginsberg (Rainer.Ginsberg at wrote in

>But when starting named, I get the following messages.
>named[4902]: bind(dfd=22, [].53): Invalid argument

Jim Reid and Mark Andrews both pointed out, that this is an 
OS specific issue.

My OS returns Invalid argument, or EINVAL, when
     EINVAL              namelen is  not  the  size  of  a  valid
                         address  for  the specified address fam-

     EINVAL              The  socket  is  already  bound  to   an

It seems that the socket is already bound to an address. Even 
after stopping named, netstat reports that port 53 on address is listening. But lsof doesn't report any process 
listening. Does someone know of another/better way to find out 
the interfering process?

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