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  David Spigelman <dspigelm at acp.org> wrote:
> Everything I've read indicates that the named.conf file is supposed to
> be in the /etc directory. I've compiled and installed 8.2.2-P3, and
> named-bootconf, which copies my old named.boot and creates a
> So far so good.
> But when I try to start named, it comes up with the following message:
> can't open '/usr/local/etc/named.conf'. Of course it can't - there
> one! So what am I supposed to do with this? Yes, I could copy
> /etc/named.conf to /usr/local/etc, but that's not the way it's
> to work, is it? What am I doing wrong?


BIND 8.2 looks by default (on Solaris) in /usr/local/etc/ for

It's no big deal.  You can either change the definitions or start
with an option to look in /etc (as Cricket points out) or you can
copy or link or move named.conf into /usr/local/etc.

You may want to pay some attention to the startup scripts,
as they may start misbehaving.  If you're on a solaris box
take a look through /etc/rc2.d/ and make the appropriate changes,
you may want to replace named & with ndc start too.

> Side point: I also pulled down the patch4 file, but I've no idea what
> am to do with it. It seems to be a shell script, but it doesn't seem
> work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Get a new job? :)

Seriously, man patch, it's a patch file.  Simply put the
patch into src/bin/named-xgfer and patch < patch4.txt

this advice is irrelevant now anyway, use 8.2.2-P5

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