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In article <38306EDA.D551745B at acp.org>, David Spigelman <dspigelm at acp.org> writes:
>Everything I've read indicates that the named.conf file is supposed to
>be in the /etc directory. I've compiled and installed 8.2.2-P3, and run
>named-bootconf, which copies my old named.boot and creates a named.conf.
>So far so good.
>But when I try to start named, it comes up with the following message:
>can't open '/usr/local/etc/named.conf'. Of course it can't - there isn't
>one! So what am I supposed to do with this? Yes, I could copy
>/etc/named.conf to /usr/local/etc, but that's not the way it's supposed
>to work, is it? What am I doing wrong?

The BIND 8.2.1 I downloaded from ISC.org a few weeks ago runs out of
/usr/local/{sbin,lib,etc}, presumably to avoid confusion with an
existing manufacturers 'named'.

I just installed it in /usr/local, where 'make install' puts it, made
/etc/named.conf a link to /usr/local/etc/named.conf, created an
appropriate rc file, and Robert is the brother of my father.


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