bind 8.2.2p5 zone problem

Jim Reid jim at
Tue Nov 16 18:32:25 UTC 1999

>>>>> "mark" == mark  <mark at> writes:

    mark> i recently upgraded our primary and secondary nameservers to
    mark> run bind 8.2.2 (both are redhat linux boxes). Whenever i
    mark> restart named on the primary, it sends NOTIFY's for each
    mark> vhost which is good, but it wont xfer zone records to the
    mark> secondary nameserver.. the log files dont say anything about 
    mark> permission denied or anything.. any ideas??

Looks like there's something wrong on the slave (secondary) name
server(s), assuming there are no connectivity problems or you forgot
to update the SOA record when the zone file was changed on the master
server. If it is a fault on the slave server, there should be
something in its logs.

Unless you can supply more information like the domain names and
addresses of the servers (and maybe the config and zone files),
there's not more anyone can do than make guesses.

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