bind 8.2.2p5 zone problem

mark mark at
Sun Nov 21 22:41:15 UTC 1999


sorry if i was unclear.. the problem is that when i update the records
serial number, the secondary nameserver doesn't update anything, and if i
try to add a new record to the primary NS i get the following in my
secondary NS log:

21-Nov-1999 23:22:06.091 xfer-in: info: Err/TO getting serial# for


>The secondary will ask for a zone transfer only if the serial has changed
>secondary will do a serial check when it receives the notify). Nothing is
>wrong here.
>  anne-marie
>On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, mark wrote:
>> hi,
>> i recently upgraded our primary and secondary nameservers to run bind 8.2.2
>> (both are redhat linux boxes). Whenever i restart named on the primary, it
>> sends NOTIFY's for each vhost which is good, but it wont xfer zone records
>> to the secondary nameserver.. the log files dont say anything about
>> permission denied or anything.. any ideas??
>> -Mark

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