Known exploits for bind 4

Cricket Liu cricket at
Tue Nov 16 20:22:06 UTC 1999

> I am trying to convince my employer to upgrade to Bind 8 but I ma
> getting some resistance from the "if'n it's good 'nuff fer my daddy,
> it's good 'nuf fer me" types.  The Winbigots are resisting too
> becasue they want to deploy MS DNS when NT5 arrives and figure delaying
> bind 8 will help their cause.
> One thing that might help me to convince the bosses is the security
> problems with the bind 4.8 we are using.  I have checked teh usual
> cracker sites but none list anything for bind 4.older.than.dirt.  Is
> there a listing of known exploits for such an early versions of bind?

There's a nice index at that might
help, though it doesn't provide much ammo
for truly ancient versions of BIND.


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