Known exploits for bind 4

Stephen Carville carville at
Tue Nov 16 18:25:40 UTC 1999

I am trying to convince my employer to upgrade to Bind 8 but I ma
getting some resistance from the "if'n it's good 'nuff fer my daddy,
it's good 'nuf fer me" types.  The Winbigots are resisting too
becasue they want to deploy MS DNS when NT5 arrives and figure delaying
bind 8 will help their cause.

One thing that might help me to convince the bosses is the security
problems with the bind 4.8 we are using.  I have checked teh usual
cracker sites but none list anything for bind 4.older.than.dirt.  Is
there a listing of known exploits for such an early versions of bind?

Stephen Carville
Renaissance Geek
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