answer section with 4.9 and bind 8

Antoine Medecin Antoine_Medecin at
Tue Nov 16 18:19:24 UTC 1999

I would like to understand what happened
betwenn bind 4.9 and bind 8 with the Additional
record field during a resolution.

During the resolution process, when looking
for  ns for a domain or a subdomain , it seems
bind 4.9 was doing a ANY request and now in 8
it is only doing a NS request.

With dig: 

dig @bbnona4

;; ANSWER SECTION:           8H IN CNAME          23m57s IN CNAME              23m57s IN A

;; AUTHORITY SECTION:              13h45m31s IN NS              13h45m31s IN NS

;; ADDITIONAL SECTION:     1d23h1m39s IN A     1d23h1m39s IN A

dig ns @bbnona4

;; ANSWER SECTION:           8H IN CNAME          22m50s IN CNAME              11h46m48s IN NS              11h46m48s IN NS

;; ADDITIONAL SECTION:     1d23h32s IN A     1d23h32s IN A

The difference is that i get the A record for the name if
it was in the cache of the server. So during the resolution
if my nameserver is unable to acces the root
nameserver it will works with a 4.9 nameserver just because
it is requesting ANY record to the root and get 
the ip address because it was in the cache.
Unfortunatly now bind 8 seems to request NS only and
i don't have this nice 'side effect' allowing me
to resolve addresses even if i can not reach the final

Is there any option to turn this on again ? 


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