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Wed Nov 17 16:25:03 UTC 1999

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Marek  <marek at welshdragon.com> wrote:
>Is there a version of bind that uses some kind of random access file for
>access for hosts etc 

BIND doesn't search files, it loads everything into memory, which is random
access.  As long as you have enough RAM to hold its working set, it
responds very quickly.

>as a lot of isps offer hostnames to every user. With ISPs like freeserve
>in excess of 1 
>users then that leads to pretty big db.freeserve (or whatever) files so I
>assume that this 
>be achieved with a cdb or similar file. If anyone has any info on this I
>would be very 

It takes a few minutes for BIND to read the file in when it starts up, but
this doesn't impact normal response time.

However, the answer to your question is that there's no version of BIND
that does this.  There are some non-BIND nameservers, though.  Cisco's
Network Regitrar (which they acquired when they bought American Internet)
is based on database technology and includes a DNS and DHCP server.

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