A simple question (i hope)

akeron at akeron.com akeron at akeron.com
Tue Nov 16 20:52:18 UTC 1999


I have 2 servers on the same network

i want to install the primary dns on the srv 1 and the secondary dns on the
srv 2

srv1 ip : ns1.mydomain.com
srv2 ip : ns2.mydomain.com

My bind version is 4.9.7

Do i have to put something in the named.boot file on the srv 1 and on the
srv 2 ?

Cause i think there is a problem with my install.

When i launch a tracert command on the srv 1 like

tracert ns1.mydomain.com, i got 1 hop and the ip resolution is ok

but when i did the same thing with this command :

tracert ns2.mydomain.com

i got a error message (bad ip address) ???

Please Help.

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