Newbie install help

ALP alparada at
Wed Nov 17 22:08:14 UTC 1999

Hi all,
I'm in the process of restructuring our network and need some help. Our
needs are as follows:

1. Resolve our own domain.
2. Resolve our email, ftp and web services externally (on our DMZ) as well
as Internet resolution.
3. Somehow also be able to resolve a corporate intranet with a different
domain name (we are not a subdomain).

This intranet has no outside connections to the Internet and use their own
DNS. I know I can setup our new internal DNS with the forwarders command
going to an external DNS and that should take care of Items 1 and 2.  My
question is how do I accomplish item 3? Is there anyway of doing this? Does
bind 8.2.2 have any commands that would selectively forward request?

Many thanks,

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