Setting up an Exchange Server on a residential DSL line

Broadleaf broadleaf at
Thu Nov 18 02:29:07 UTC 1999

1-If you brought your DNS in-house (using MS DNS), the ISP couldn't tell you
what to do.  But if they're only giving you one IP address, you won't be
able to provide InterNIC with primary and secondary DNS servers -- so it
won't work.
2-You might be able to get a third-party provider to just give you DNS
service for a small fee, then have *them* list the MX.
3-If you had your mail "mailbagged" by another ISP, you could retrieve it
from Exchange without worrying about the MX at PacBell.  But then you'd be
paying that other ISP for SMTP service -- I don't know what prices you'll

You'll probably be able to get a better deal than $30.00 (for NOTHING -- as
they're just afraid you'll suck up bandwidth YOU"RE ALREADY PAYING FOR!)
using one or more of the above.  Post again if you need more help.

Vic Kaul wrote in message ...
>I recently had Pacific Bell install a DSL line for me at home.
>I am hosting a Windows NT webserver on the machine assigned the DSL IP
>Besides hosting the webserver I was also considering hosting an exchange
>Is there any simple way for me to be able to do this without having to
>upgrade my DSL service.  The PacBell folks are telling me that I need to
>upgrade my service from a $49 monthly to a $79 monthly service before they
>will add the necessary MX and A records on their DNS server.
>Can I avoid this somehow?  THANKS.
>Is this something I can have do?  What do they charge for

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