ctl_server Error Message BIND 8.2.2

Thomas Schulz schulz at adi.com
Thu Nov 18 16:20:09 UTC 1999

In article <199911172208.JAA20706 at bsdi.dv.isc.org>,
 <Mark_Andrews at iengines.com> wrote:
>	One of the elements in the socket's path does not exist.
>	The DESTRUN directory specified in src/port/<os>/Makefile.set
>	must exist or you need to override with a controls section
>	in named.conf.
>	Mark
>> I just upgraded one of our BIND 8.1.2 secondaries to 8.2.2.  I now
>> receive this error message:
>>      named[19155]: ctl_server: bind: No such file or directory
>> I do not remember this mesage having appeared in the archives recently.
>> I looked at the source, and I could not determine from where this 
>> message is being generated.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.
>> I have not received the digest this morning (Wed) or yesterday morning,
>> so I do not know if this has been covered in the past few days.
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I would like to add that BIND 8.2.2 changed the default paths in
src/port/<os>/Makefile.set  for Solaris (I don't know about other
platforms).  As a result you may have to edit this file or edit the
.settings file in the src directory before building, even if you never
had to do so before.  If you do a make depend before doing the make all,
you can edit the  .settings  file between these two steps.

Just my opinion, but I do not think that /usr/local/* is a good location
for bind on Solaris.

Tom Schulz
schulz at adi.com

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