ctl_server Error Message BIND 8.2.2

Barry Finkel b19141 at achilles.ctd.anl.gov
Thu Nov 18 20:50:48 UTC 1999

Mark Andrews replied to my posting:

>	One of the elements in the socket's path does not exist.
>	The DESTRUN directory specified in src/port/<os>/Makefile.set
>	must exist or you need to override with a controls section
>	in named.conf.
>	Mark
>> I just upgraded one of our BIND 8.1.2 secondaries to 8.2.2.  I now
>> receive this error message:
>>      named[19155]: ctl_server: bind: No such file or directory
>> I do not remember this mesage having appeared in the archives recently.
>> I looked at the source, and I could not determine from where this 
>> message is being generated.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.
I have looked at "DNS and BIND (3rd edition)" and I cannot determine
what statement I have to add to my named.conf file.  I already have an
options line

     directory "/export/home/named";

What do I need to add to my config file?  I would prefer not having to
rebuild BIND.  Thanks.
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