8.2.2 how_to_setup doc. (??)

Tony Earnshaw tonye at ilion.nl
Thu Nov 18 16:26:57 UTC 1999

<jpap at panafon.gr> skrev i news:4225682C.004B9928.00 at mailsmtp.panafon.gr

| I've downloaded the v 8.2.2 source, compiled it (successfully), but I
| problem setting it up on a Solaris 2.6 "clean" system.

| I'm desperate looking for a BIND version 8.2.2 how_to_setup document;
| describing files (configuration & executables), as well as
| configuration & running samples.

O.k., the accompanying html documentation _is_ terse, but includes a lot
you can use later.

Through the years I've gathered number of urls about this. A good one


Here are 2 more:

Try out what you read. When you come across something you or your
colleagues can't solve, come back here and ask.


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