BIND docs

Chris Schuler cschuler at
Fri Nov 19 05:04:07 UTC 1999

Upgraded to 8.2.2 p5, felt like updating the docs too.   (slackware 6)
did the un gzip/tar thing, entered ./doc/man
saw the Makefile, edited it to point to the proper place for my man files,
did a "make install"
it copied the stuff over, and all seemed well
did "man named" and it didnt find an entry...
some work some dont... i think the ones that due work, have alwasy worked.
i did a few more mans (some of the other .8 files that were copied and it
didnt find some of those either)

am i missing something on the BIND side of things?  I will double check my
man stuff to make sure they went to the right place, just wanted to verify
the BIND side...


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