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Sat Nov 20 14:25:25 UTC 1999

Chris Schuler <cschuler at> skrev i
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| some work some dont... i think the ones that due work, have alwasy
| i did a few more mans (some of the other .8 files that were copied and
| didnt find some of those either)

| am i missing something on the BIND side of things?  I will double
check my
| man stuff to make sure they went to the right place, just wanted to
| the BIND side...

Looks more like you'll have to build up your knowledge of your operating

Example: I don't know much about Linux, know quite a lot about various
SCO Unices.

Our nameserver runs Open Server 5.0.5. OS 5.x has an /etc/default/man,
that tells where to look for the man pages. BIND installations install
to /usr/local/man by default. But SCO man pages live in /usr/man by
default. Furthermore, man pages im cat.1/man.1 etc. take preference over
cat1/man1 (notice the dot).

So, to have the man command work at all, I have to manually (!) add
/usr/local/man to MANPATH in /etc/default/man.

Then I have to tell BIND to install the man docs to /usr/local/man and
not /usr/share/man.

Then I have to ensure that the relevant man pages are either removed
from /usr/man, or symlinked from /usr/local/man to /usr/man.

Even then, I sometimes forget. I can almost always get the man pages I
want by doing 'man 1 named'.


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