TYPE=ANY and missing records

greg_mcdermid at my-deja.com greg_mcdermid at my-deja.com
Fri Nov 19 06:20:24 UTC 1999


recently I have noticed a lot of DNS requests
failing. We use sendmail 8.8.8 under Linux 5.2
and the DNS server on NT4 SP4 (which in this case
is acting as a forwarder for external domains).

Problem is that any requests with TYPE=ANY seem
to only return the NS records - which is not good
as sendmail only requests ANY, then A (most
domains don't have an A record for their domain),
thus the mail simply queues up.

We go through several firewalls and ISPs for
Internet access (mail, web). Talking to our
primary ISP (who use BIND), they notice the same
problem, even when pointing directly to a number
of external DNS's. Although when they talk to the
DNS for the domain in question it seems to
provide the correct records.

As well when you do a query for MX explicitly,
then try the query for ANY again it then returns
NS and MX records. Likewise with SOA records.
Here I'm not even looking for other records.

Do other people see this problem? How widespread
is it? Could it be related to (IPS's) upgrading
to a recent version of bind? Has anyone a


Greg McDermid

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