named.boot size limit on SUNOS 5.6

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Sat Nov 20 07:31:32 UTC 1999

I have a DNS server running BIND 4.9.7 on a SUNOS 5.6.  It is
on an
internal network and is a primary name server for 4 separate domains
and secondary name server for 2 more separate domains.

I added the reverse lookup db files for one of the secondary domains to
the named.boot file.  This made named.boot about 152 line.  I got an
error when I used nslookup to test the updated reverse lookup files.

I then edited named.boot down to 120 lines and it works fine.

Is there a size limit to named.boot?
Is there a work around?
Is it different on HPUX or Linux?

Thanks for your input

Earle Anderson
eja04 at

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