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Mark_Andrews at iengines.com Mark_Andrews at iengines.com
Sun Nov 21 22:57:53 UTC 1999

> > Nov 21 07:37:09 www named[2436]: dangling CNAME pointer
> > (rs.internic.net)
> That means your name server found an alias, rs.internic.net, that pointed
> to a non-existent domain name.

	Not quite.  The answer contained a CNAME for which there was not
	a record with that owner name in *this* answer.  This could be
	due to any of three conditions.

	1. The server didn't have the record the cname was pointing to
	   and this was a non-recursive query.
	2. The name was valid but there were no records of this type.
	3. The name does not exist.

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