Validating named configuration files before "reload"?

Pierre Belanger belanger at
Mon Nov 22 12:07:28 UTC 1999

Hi Cricket,

| It will if you use the -p option to specify an alternate PID file or the -c
| option to specify an alternate UNIX domain socket.  You'd also need
| to reset the PID file for the "test" server with options { pid-file <>; };
| or the path to the control socket with a controls statement.
I call that a "work around".

What we need is a program to parse the named configuration file
(and all included files) and print any error on stderr.

I wonder why such a program doesn't exist yet.

By the way, I started to dig in the source.  I think this is something
easy to do but honestly I am quite busy.  I will take the time soon or
later :-/ to dig in this but if someone else wants to give it a try,
let me know.

Pierre B.

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