Validating named configuration files before "reload"?

Pierre Belanger belanger at
Mon Nov 22 12:52:35 UTC 1999


| On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Pierre Belanger wrote:
| > What we need is a program to parse the named configuration file
| > (and all included files) and print any error on stderr.
| I agree. This could be implemented either as a standalone program or as an
| option to a running named ('ndc configtest' perhaps). This feature-request
| should perhaps be sent to the people involved in the BIND 9 development.
I like the idea to submit this "RFE" to the bind 9 development team.

If anyone on this list wants to comment or bring other ideas regarding
this RFE, please reply here or forward your comments directly to me.
I'll take the time to read all your suggestions and forward them all
to the bind development team in about 2 weeks.

Best regards,
Pierre B.

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