Validating named configuration files before "reload"?

Dave Carmean dave at
Mon Nov 22 16:41:51 UTC 1999

Another late reply:  Here's how I've just started doing it:

I first imported all the existing zone and config files into a CVS 
repository.  Then, I broke named.conf into two parts, so that while 
the main body is stable, I have a named.conf.test with special debugging 

To make changes, I first perform a cvs checkout or update to a 
working directory.  Then I invoke named with the named.conf.test 
config, which runs named on a non-standard port.  It also logs a debugging 
channel to a file, which I scan for errors, warnings, etc.

Also, the named.conf.test includes bogus parent zones so that I can run 
doc and dnswalk against the test config.  

Once I'm satisfied, I commit the changes, update the production directories 
with the new versions, and do the reload.

On Wed, Nov 10, 1999 at 02:42:15PM -0500, Pierre Belanger wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a simple way to validate the named.conf file and all included
> files?
> The reason is quite simple, when doing a "bind reload" we'd like to
> validate the configuration files before sending a "kill -HUP" to bind
> process.  If the validation fails, the "kill -HUP" would not be send
> to bind process and some error would print in the stderr.
> I checked the contrib stuff and did not find nothing, so far.
> Thank you,
> Pierre B.

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