Strange BUG

Mike Smith mike at
Tue Nov 23 02:52:35 UTC 1999

 Hi all,

 Well ran into a strange little bug today after upgrading a slave
nameserver. This happens on both slave and master servers. Granted it
was an error in the conf file...It still shouldn't cause this.

 The other thing is that this didn't show up in the form of a message in
'messages'...Only when logging was turned on did I see this.

 Ok here it goes....named.conf had the following error on the last zone

zone" {
        type master;
        notify no;
        file "";

 You'll notice that it's missing a quote....

 NDC gives this error :

ndc> status
ndc: error: ctl_client: evConnect(fd 3): Connection refused
ndc: error: cannot connect to command channel (/var/run/ndc)

An error also shows up in the parse-error.log but only if you have
logging turned on. Otherwise named starts without a problem. Just
doesn't load that zone or any below that.

23-Nov-1999 11:48:39.536 /etc/named.conf:139: syntax error near
23-Nov-1999 11:48:39.537 /etc/named.conf:151: EOF in quoted string

 Also noticed while running truss on ndc, that it couldn't find the file
/var/run/ndc (linux) or /usr/local/etc/ndc (solaris).

 This little error in the named.conf causes this....You put the quote in
and all works well. The ndc file now gets created and ndc works

 Anyone else think this is a problem ???

 Hope I explained it well enough.... This happens on Solaris 2.6 and
RedHat 6.0.

 Mike Smith

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