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Mike Smith mike at
Tue Nov 23 15:29:08 UTC 1999

 Hi all,

 Ok I realize this is the default.....But should that break NDC ???? I
would think not....Why would
a syntax error, that still allows named to start and run fine(except
where the error is and below), break ndc ?

 Any insight into the reasoning behind this would be great.....Try it
out for yourself...That syntax error will break ndc...The control
channel for ndc is never created...


 Mike Smith

>        Well the error is by default sent to syslog.
>       Also named.conf can specify where the control channel is.
>        Do you really want a control channel started when it may
>        not be where you don't want it to be?

>        Mark

>  Hi all,
>  Well ran into a strange little bug today after upgrading a slave
> nameserver. This happens on both slave and master servers. Granted it
> was an error in the conf file...It still shouldn't cause this.
>  The other thing is that this didn't show up in the form of a message
> 'messages'...Only when logging was turned on did I see this.
>  Ok here it goes....named.conf had the following error on the last
> record.
> zone" {
>         type master;
>         notify no;
>         file "";
> };
>  You'll notice that it's missing a quote....
>  NDC gives this error :
> ndc> status
> ndc: error: ctl_client: evConnect(fd 3): Connection refused
> ndc: error: cannot connect to command channel (/var/run/ndc)
> ndc>
> An error also shows up in the parse-error.log but only if you have
> logging turned on. Otherwise named starts without a problem. Just
> doesn't load that zone or any below that.
> 23-Nov-1999 11:48:39.536 /etc/named.conf:139: syntax error near
> ''
> 23-Nov-1999 11:48:39.537 /etc/named.conf:151: EOF in quoted string
>  Also noticed while running truss on ndc, that it couldn't find the
> /var/run/ndc (linux) or /usr/local/etc/ndc (solaris).
>  This little error in the named.conf causes this....You put the quote
> and all works well. The ndc file now gets created and ndc works
> perfectly..
>  Anyone else think this is a problem ???
>  Hope I explained it well enough.... This happens on Solaris 2.6 and
> RedHat 6.0.
>  Mike Smith
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