"ndc reload" for two named processes on one machine

Francis A. Vidal francis at usls.edu
Wed Nov 24 11:48:18 UTC 1999

---- Quoting Jim Reid's message, sent 11/24/99 11:36am ----

>     Francis> i couldn't get `ndc reload' to work for a name server
>     Francis> running two named processes. how is this done?
> If you have 8.2 or greater, get the two named processes to use
> different control sockets. Presumably the processes have already been
> configured to use different named.pid file, different logging and
> listen on different interfaces. Then what you do is use the -c
> argument to ndc to select between the control sockets so that it can
> talk to either name server process.

i've already done that :) the problem now is whenever i do

	ndc -c /var/run/ndc_{internal,external} restart

it looks for /etc/named.conf instead of the .conf file used when booting
the named process.
> If you don't have 8.2 or greater - why not? - hack the ndc shell
> script so that it can send signals to the appropriate PID for named.
> Or have two ndc scripts: one for the internal name server process and
> one for the external (or whatever).

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