"ndc reload" for two named processes on one machine

Jim Reid jim at mpn.cp.philips.com
Wed Nov 24 10:36:35 UTC 1999

>>>>> "Francis" == Francis A Vidal <francis at usls.edu> writes:

    Francis> i couldn't get `ndc reload' to work for a name server
    Francis> running two named processes. how is this done?

If you have 8.2 or greater, get the two named processes to use
different control sockets. Presumably the processes have already been
configured to use different named.pid file, different logging and
listen on different interfaces. Then what you do is use the -c
argument to ndc to select between the control sockets so that it can
talk to either name server process.

If you don't have 8.2 or greater - why not? - hack the ndc shell
script so that it can send signals to the appropriate PID for named.
Or have two ndc scripts: one for the internal name server process and
one for the external (or whatever).

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