more woes with two (2) named processes

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Wed Nov 24 17:33:18 UTC 1999

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You mention in your posting below that you have set up "" both
on your internal and external nameserver process.
This means that your internal named is authoritative for "",
it therefore knows for sure that it has all the entries for the
zone, it will never forward a query to any other nameserver (or
process) even if you have forwarding turned on. If you query
your internal named for "" it will forward the query to
the external named if it's configured to do so but
IMHO not for a zone for which it is authoritative.

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"Francis A. Vidal" wrote:

> hi all,
> i'm running two (2) bind-8.2.2.p5 processes on ONE (1) FreeBSD 3.3-stable
> machine. one process handles the intranet while the other one handles the
> internet. the domain used on both processes is USLS.EDU. this machine is
> also the mail server.
> the machine has three IP addresses: one external, two internal
> (, the external named process is listening on the
> external IP address and on while the internal process listens
> on the two internal IPs.
> if i make my /etc/resolv.conf point to the localhost ( or to the
> external IP address, it uses the external named process. when i point it
> to one of the internal IP addresses, it uses the internal named process.
> however, in order to properly resolve internal IP addresses, i use an
> internal IP address as the nameserver ( and forward all
> unresolvable names to the external resolver.
> the problem is: i have some hosts on the external named process that
> cannot be accessed on the same server running the internal named process.
> for example, i have a hostname ALLAN.USLS.EDU on the external side and
> it's IP address is if i ping ALLAN.USLS.EDU and the active
> resolver is the internal process, the server is not able to see the
> machine. what i expected is that the internal named process will be able
> to see it since it will pass the query to the external process.
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