more woes with two (2) named processes

Francis A. Vidal francis at
Thu Nov 25 04:01:37 UTC 1999

---- Quoting Martin Zuber's message, sent 11/24/99 6:33pm ----

> You mention in your posting below that you have set up "" both
> on your internal and external nameserver process. This means that your
> internal named is authoritative for "", it therefore knows for
> sure that it has all the entries for the zone, it will never forward a
> query to any other nameserver (or process) even if you have forwarding
> turned on. If you query your internal named for "" it
> will forward the query to the external named if it's configured to do
> so but IMHO not for a zone for which it is authoritative.

in that case, is there any solution or workaround?
> "Francis A. Vidal" wrote:
> > i'm running two (2) bind-8.2.2.p5 processes on ONE (1) FreeBSD 3.3-stable
> > machine. one process handles the intranet while the other one handles the
> > internet. the domain used on both processes is USLS.EDU. this machine is
> > also the mail server.
> >
> > the machine has three IP addresses: one external, two internal
> > (, the external named process is listening on the
> > external IP address and on while the internal process listens
> > on the two internal IPs.
> >
> > if i make my /etc/resolv.conf point to the localhost ( or to the
> > external IP address, it uses the external named process. when i point it
> > to one of the internal IP addresses, it uses the internal named process.
> > however, in order to properly resolve internal IP addresses, i use an
> > internal IP address as the nameserver ( and forward all
> > unresolvable names to the external resolver.
> >
> > the problem is: i have some hosts on the external named process that
> > cannot be accessed on the same server running the internal named process.
> > for example, i have a hostname ALLAN.USLS.EDU on the external side and
> > it's IP address is if i ping ALLAN.USLS.EDU and the active
> > resolver is the internal process, the server is not able to see the
> > machine. what i expected is that the internal named process will be able
> > to see it since it will pass the query to the external process.

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